About Us


U-CELL Company is specialized in the design and production of fabricated building interior wall system, and integrates the R&D, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales service. It has the headquarter and production bases in Xiamen and serves the whole country, and has successively established the direct service center in Ningbo, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, etc. in China, the marketing and service network covering the whole country, have participated in a large number of domestic key partition system installation projects, and set up overseas service agencies in New York.


U-CELL has been committed to becoming the industry's top expert in fabricated building wall technology, dedicated to the research and development of fabricated wall system technology, have optimization and improvement and all-round innovation on the basis of comprehensive absorption of foreign advanced fabricated wall system technology, thus having the industry's cutting-edge sound insulation system and a number of patents. U-CELL has professional core technologies in mold structure assembly design, product production, project design and operation implementation, provides systematic and integrative wall solutions in all aspects, and meets the needs of modern business and environmental office in a diversified manner.


U-CELL adheres to the core concept of "CURE" (Convenient, Useful, Room, Environment), provides fabricated wall system products which are of convenience, practical personality and environmental protection, thus making the installation and use more convenient and space planning and utilization more reasonable. Besides meeting the requirements of sound insulation, fire prevention, stability, safety, environmental protection and privacy, U-CELL pays more attention to the standardization, integration, modularization and industrialization of fabricated wall system products, as well as diversification and customization, to provide high-quality product quality, design and service.


U-CELL adheres to the service spirit of "professionalism, enthusiasm, timeliness and attentiveness", provides consultation, consultant, installation, after-sales service and other supporting services, and always adheres to the principle of "never change the original intention, adhere to ingenuity, persistence and devotion to service", and strives to build a leading brand in the field of science and technology of domestic fabricated building wall system.


Create unlimited possibilities in the limited space. For past ten years, U-CELL has made preparations, carefully studied technology and accumulated experiences. In the next decade, two decades or more, U-CELL will continue to subvert the tradition and lead the industry with more intelligent, more environmental-friendly and more convenient fabricated building wall technology to benefit the society.