CURE all-around wall solution

“CURE”is the new specification and standard of fabricated wall industry, from product design research and development, installation to after-sales service, etc., is a kind of industry specification and standard initiated by U-CELL. U-CELL provides customers with CURE all-around wall solution, creates a unique operation mode exclusive to U-CELL from products to services, and leads the development of the industry and sets up the industry benchmark by the new concept of "CURE".

01Product standardization
U-CELL is committed to providing products meeting or even higher than the industry standards, with stability and high quality.
02Product integration
U-CELL provides customers with the integrated solution with the fabricated partition products as the core including design, product and decoration.
03Product customization
U-CELL can customize exclusive products for customers as required.
04Product diversification
U-CELL will develop richer product lines, so that customers can customize products according to the materials, sizes and composability in the future.
05Consulting services
Provide the consulting services on products for customers, and the optimal solutions from the actual needs of customers.
06Design consulting service
For the specific project of customers, we will provide professional design consulting services from the professional and practical point of view, not just selling the product, but also considering all aspects for customers.
07Installation and construction services
Provide safe, timely and considerate installation and construction services to ensure the progress of customer’s engineering projects, as well as the safety and beauty of customer’s engineering projects.
08Matching after-sales service
Establish a local service team, maintain close contact with customers through repeated and timely customer return service, ensure the timeliness of after-sales service, and improve customers' brand recognition and loyalty.