The company is responsible for the installation, debugging and technical consultation of products.
As the customer of U-CELL Company, you will be entitled to the following service commitment:

Free warranty period

U-CELL Company has always made it its mission to provide high-quality office partitions, and the company promises 1-year warranty and lifelong maintenance.

1. The company has established long-term and perfect after-sales service agencies in Xiamen, Fuzhou and Ningbo, as well as large self-use warehouse for finished products and spare parts, for the convenience of undertaking all delivery, installation and maintenance services independently. The company will also dispatch professionals at regular intervals to provide door-to-door after-sales services tracking for your unit.

2. The company has established perfect files for the production and management of each customer’s goods, providing detailed records from the technical drawings to the color mixing to ensure the consistency of the replenished goods later and rapid services.

3. In using the products, we ensure that we will pay a return visit and provide maintenance for Party A once every three months.

4. After the warranty expires, the company will continue to provide lifelong maintenance services. For the “warranty” of products, the company promises a lifelong warranty and premium charging.

Maintenance schedule

1. Within the city, after receiving the request, telephone or fax for after-sales from Party A, we will respond to it within 2hr, arrange personnel to handle the problem on the scene within 4hr, and solve the problem within 12hr. If the problem is too serious to be solved in a short time, the Customer Service Department will reply to the customers within 2hr when and how to solve the problems and provide the written explanation.

2. The professional maintenance team of U-CELL Company makes sure that it will minimize the negative impact on the work of the guests. U-CELL Company has always been committed to improving the product quality and minimizing the maintenance rate of products, thus realizing that “the best service is the after-sales service without maintenance”.

Service address & tel

Our Customer Service Center is a simple and direct communication channel between U-CELL and customers, specialized in all the enquiries, complaints, product maintenance, emergency services, as well as product introduction and goodwill visits of the customers, for the purpose of comprehensively meeting all your needs.

Service organization

Add: 459#1-2 floor,Wuxing Road, Xiangan North Industrial
Tel :0592-7621650

Add: Xiamen U-cell Building Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel :0592-8266135

Add: B area 12#Third floor, , software tower, Gulou District, Fuzhou.
Tel :0591-83836135